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Why Clients in Senior Leadership Prefer Our Process Driven Approach

Updated: Jun 9

Buying or selling a home can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. This transition is frequently paired with life events like moving to a new city or starting a new job, which can only add to the stress.

When a real estate broker has an executive presence, they understand the information you need and how to effectively and efficiently communicate it so that our clients can make decisions they are comfortable with.

The benefits to home buyers:

Many of our clients are already working in a corporate environment where they have very little capacity to undertake the project of purchasing a home. They need a project manager for this new workflow. 

They don’t have the time to learn about every tax law when tax season rolls around, and they don’t have the time and energy to learn what due diligence they should conduct when purchasing a home on the lake in Austin, Texas. 

They need someone to lay out the process, map the milestones, and guide the decision maker on which subject matter experts to involve. 

Our team: 

  • Listens to the buyer's criteria for their home

  • Analytically exposes the buyers to the market to help them understand how they can best meet as many of their home criteria as possible within their budget.

  • Crafts an offering strategy based on current market conditions 

  • Educate our buyers on the process and terms that help you meet your goals

The benefits to home sellers:

Anyone in a corporate environment understands that a well-defined process is helpful in achieving predictable outcomes. We feel the same way.

Our team: 

  • Maps out the process so that our clients know what to expect

  • Helps prepare the property physically and project managers the property prep

  • Executes a 120+ point checklist to optimize the property presentation and marketing exposure

  • Review market data with our sellers in order to allow sellers to have full agency over their listing price strategy with our advice.

Sellers are the experts on their homes in a way that a realtor can never be an expert on that particular home. However, having an experienced agent by your side provides you with a consultant who is an expert on the broader market, knows the current market climate, and the latest trends in terms and due diligence so that sellers can position themselves well within the greater market. 




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