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Selling a Home in Austin

What Sets Us Apart?
At the Berbas Group, we believe in transforming each sale into a meticulously curated project, leaving no detail unattended. Our expansive checklists and seasoned team are at the heart of this commitment, navigating through every intricate detail of the selling process. Our ultimate objective? To simplify the journey for you, ensuring a fluid, transparent, and well-informed transition from listing to sale.

Every step is guided by your unique goals. From considering important timelines such as moving dates and holidays to addressing specific investor needs like leases or 1031 deadlines, we have it all covered. Moreover, we assist you in crafting realistic pricing objectives, considering aspects and potential financial outcomes of the sale, thus empowering you to make informed decisions.

If you are a seller, use this guide for helpful hints and tips, and learn how to avoid common mistakes when selling your home in Austin.

For a seamless seller experience, contact us! We're happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our Bespoke Strategy: Turning Goals into Reality​

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For a real estate team that handles all of this for you (and more!), contact us.

Selling a Home in Austin

We initiate the process by comprehensively understanding your financial and timeline objectives, paving the path for a seamless selling experience. Consult with your CPA or attorney to navigate through any potential tax or legal ramifications, and step into the market with unparalleled confidence.

Beginning with Your Ambitions

Meet our highly specialized listing team, boasting over 35 years of Austin real estate experience, ready to meticulously manage every nuance of your sale - from crafting captivating property descriptions and photo captions to orchestrating handyman prep checklists.

Introducing the Team

​Before embarking on the selling journey, we review the entire process, ensuring that you are never caught off-guard and always know what to anticipate next. This proactive approach allows for all your queries to be addressed upfront, fostering a sense of certainty and confidence about the ensuing steps.

Setting the Right Expectations

​With a proven strategy featuring a comprehensive 150-item checklist, we guide you in priming your property to perfection, taking the stress and overwhelm out of the equation. For those seeking an even smoother experience, our team offers a comprehensive service where we manage the property preparation on your behalf, turning the complex process into the push of the "easy button".

Property Preparation Formula

Recognizing the bustling lifestyles of our clients, we've devised an intuitive communication strategy that integrates seamlessly into your routine. Through our client dashboard, you stay abreast of all the pivotal milestones from inception to closing. Our singular communication channel, inclusive of calls, emails, and texts, guarantees swift and streamlined responses, keeping you constantly updated on market responses and trends, thereby granting you complete control over the selling pace and pricing.

Communication and Scheduling

At the Berbas Group, we empower you to dictate the listing price, standing by your side as seasoned navigators in the ever-fluctuating Austin real estate market. Our collaborative approach to pricing involves a deep analysis of market data from multiple perspectives, allowing you to gauge the market trends and trajectories adeptly. Remember, choosing a real estate team should be based on professionalism, responsiveness, and meticulousness, not just pricing promises. 

Market Update and Listing Price

With our roots firmly planted in real estate enthusiasm, we have developed a formula for virtually every aspect of the selling process. Our process and check lists are the cornerstone of this strategy, ensuring your home is showcased in the most flattering light, resonating with the expectations of contemporary buyers familiar with high-quality, social media-style presentations.

Our concerted efforts to collaborate with the industry's finest stagers, photographers, and copywriters culminate in a presentation that not only highlights the best features of your home but strikes an emotional chord with potential buyers, encouraging them to visualize a future in your property.

In the fast-paced, image-driven society we live in, creating a stellar first impression is pivotal. Our dedicated team ensures that every piece of promotional material, be it brochures, online listings, or well-strategized advertisements, paints your property in the best possible light. Our hands-on approach extends through every phase of listing, promising personal attention to all the details. This dedication has fostered a rich network of referrals and repeat business, a testimony to the trust and satisfaction of our clientele.

Showcasing Your Home at Its Best

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At the Berbas Group, we aspire to deliver a white-glove client experience characterized by seamless and personalized communication. Despite being supported by a robust team of six, our clients enjoy the comfort and ease of communicating with what feels like a single dedicated individual, always a call away to assist you on this journey.

Streamlined Communication and Scheduling

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