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How We Work to Find You an Agent Outside of Austin

Updated: 3 days ago

Do you need help with real estate outside of Austin?

This past year, we have found agents for friends and family in other cities 18 times! In San Antonio, Chicago, Huntley (IL), Port Aransas, South Bend, Gun Barrel City, Maryland, New Jersey, Asheville, Corsicana, Houston... and the list goes on.

Why do our friends, family, and past clients call us to do this for them?

1. We have a huge network in other cities

We have an existing network of colleagues in other cities that we have been cultivating for years. With such a large personal network in CA, IL, and NY, we have done the research and already know the colleagues outside of Austin that we would recommend you work with. They are ready to take our calls and work with the clients we send their way at a moment's notice. 

2. We collaborate with our out-of-town partners to help raise the bar in the industry

Sharing our ideas on due diligence, process, and how to provide outstanding customer service helps ensure a close relationship and higher standards of care for all clients in their care and ours.

3. We know how to find great agents

We tend to have strong opinions on what makes for a great real estate professional. Surprise!  We know it has nothing to do with their Instagram personality, nothing to do with the kind of car they drive, and everything to do with their level of experience and professionalism.

If you know us, you know how passionate we are about what we do, and you understand that we don’t take our responsibility to you, our clients, lightly.  We work very hard to get our clients great results. People who already know us also know what it means to practice real estate as a profession, and not as a hobby. 

4. We know the right questions to ask

Consumers don’t always know the right questions to ask to find realtors who will give great service and get them great results. We know how to ask the hard questions to find the cream of the crop in the city where you need help.

If you Google how to find a realtor, you will get a list of interview questions asking the agent about days on the market, the ratio of sold price to list price, and so many other questions that have nothing to do with the level of service they will give you or their ability to get you great results.

If we don’t already have a partner in the city where you need assistance, we have a process for finding them. We find 3-5 quality candidates, and then reduce the list from there. We start by looking at their sales metrics to be sure they are actively practicing and aware of current local market trends, and then we follow this up with an interview to ask the harder questions that we think separate the hobbyists from the professionals. Once we have our list, we send you the top 2 to see who is a good fit for you.

If we are already your real estate people, let us help you find your local realtor where you need help. We are delighted to be your guides to real estate and help you reach your real estate goals, no matter where in the world they are.


Jen & the team

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